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hanz0's beehive and/or space police station
hanz0's beehive and/or space police station

A recent interview with ToriNews
An older interview with the ToriBlog (in which Solax commits the Cardinal Sin)
An even even older interview with ChrisDom

Who am I?
I joined back in February of 2008, brought here thanks to noweb's YouTube channel (Actually I was originally watching his excellent How Not to Play Hitman series which made me want to see what else he had). Outside of Toribash I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry, two years experience working in the biochem lab of a Nobel laureate, and am currently working at a hospital while I apply to medical school.

What do/did I do around here?
I've been on the forum staff for most of the six years I've been around. This interview and this one have the more detailed story, but I've went from local mod of the Market to SMod to admin to my current role. My duties on the forum have involved everything from menial forum moderation (primarily in the Market) to scam report investigation and enforcement to leadership of the MSquad to behind-the-curtains staff management. These days I'm primarily doing the last one since my job at the hospital and other responsibilities prevent me from putting much free time into the forum. Don't ask me to do admin stuff for you because it won't get done. I'm also an IRCop on the IRC server.

I was also a very prolific texture artist for a long period of time (Back in the 128x128 days, so if anyone whines about the texture resolution on the following previews I'll laugh at you for being dumb and ill-informed). I was fairly-well known for robotic-type textures although I started to favor a more minimalist style near the end of that period. Here are a few of my personal favorites (Please note that none of these are for sale and I no longer do any texturing):

My set
Robotic set for Nathan
gman80's set
Richard, of LFG
An unused Promo Team set

These days I'm also running a webcomic site as a hobby.

Back in the summer of 2009 I visited Nabi for a week (when they were based in Singapore) and helped a bit with Toribash Wii! Here's a picture of their door!

What am I known for?
Staffwise my jobs have always been on the less-popular side. Before I came along Market was a shithole, plain and simple, and it took some serious rules to get it (relatively) in line. Between that and the numerous scam and plagiarism cases I've dealt with, let's just say I've placed a lot of bans, and gotten some fairly interesting messages in response. Some of those will go up when I've got the time to go and collate them. I've probably given the most infractions out of any staff member (even with my recent inactivity in that field) - I have the most PMs of any user on the forums (I once had to raise the admin inbox limit because I'd reached it) and a good chunk of those PMs are infraction-related.

Texturing also got me a lot of attention and credits, though I purposely spent very few of my TCs in order to function as a sort of "user TC sink". At one point I had 40 million legitimately earned credits on my account (Although 10 million is the "proper" number - the 40 was obtained thanks to veb pushing the double-or-nothing button a few times for me).

Finally, my participation in the Discussion board - particularly in science-related threads - is, I would venture to say, fairly well-known.

Some links and such
In progress...
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