0_o 2/10 for that spar

you both need to work on SO many more things b4 you decide to spar that replay showed lack of:

when you spar all factors are beneficial if you do not have them then i suggest you aquire them b4 you try and make a spar replay

here is one of my spars i did with zalmoxis just now BUT I PINGED ='[...please rate =]
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wanna spar? pm me =]
10/10 XD funny emotes ahaha and nice teamwork

A replay me and clock made a while ago
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Headpassing w. Clock.rpl (492.9 KB, 9 views)
<fett175> So what you're saying is, I can type whatever I want here and it will be at the bottom of all my posts?... AWESOME
I liked it. A bit stiff, but I liked it.

Here's one from me. A short Aikido replay in which I flipped someone over my shoulder. I think I could've done a little pose at the end, but he DQed before I could balance myself. Sucks.
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