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The genius above is not following the rules, so...
Nicely placed foot, creepy stalker. 8/10

Sorry i didn't red first post
I edited my post...

Nice one tempo...
It's rlly funny...
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kk-Tk pwnage..rpl (80.2 KB, 39 views)
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<AlphasoniK> Kristis: What the fuck is wrong with you, rainbow loving panda freak.
Seriously, try to piss standing up for a change. No life girly pants dimwit.

ok kristis but to dirty but the Decap was funny.
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Lol i liked that one.

it was like your tori was saying to the other guy "you fucking bitch" and then you charge at him.


Heres a wushu boomhit O.o
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00wushu delegged.rpl (30.2 KB, 37 views)
meh,not exactly a boom hit,there were a glitch in that replay,anyway,still an impressive (not done intentionally but.... ) punch

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#crack.rpl (73.7 KB, 32 views)
Wow that was really cool, that kind of stuff is hard to do in MP. 8/10
The only reason its not higher is because it looked all over the place
then again I'm no ninja either.

Note that the reason its called uber is because for some reason 'generic flip (not the best)' wouldn't upload I know it is not uber it sucks
please don't flame
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uber.rpl (73.1 KB, 30 views)
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Not uber, it's a twinsword replay and in twinsword it's easy to completely destroy opponent. 3/10
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00_JS_MPSamboDisember.rpl (35.5 KB, 25 views)
well,in sambo is easier doing DM than aikido but well I liked the jump,jumpy
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#decapcap.rpl (59.9 KB, 30 views)
hey, check this out, it's in taekkyon :3
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Twisted Rollout.rpl (77.4 KB, 29 views)
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I loved it, really. It had speed, and... I don't know. I wish I could give a more useful criticism.
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