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Oblivion's Replays
'Sup forum?

I've been making some sparring replays lately, and I would gladly appreciate C&C.

Sparring invites will be taken into account but bear in mind that I am quite busy at the moment, so it will be easier if you just bump me in-game if you see me.

Edit: Skip to the last page to see the most recent spars.

PS: Please, have the courtesy of asking before using these spars for videos.
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Oblivion94 - vs - Corfl.rpl (824.4 KB, 466 views)
Oblivion94 - vs - Filipe994.rpl (826.2 KB, 396 views)
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We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
The first mod is MatrixLobby.tbm, you should try it, the pillars are a great way to gain momentum and to deliver acrobatic kicks.
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
I love the way you flipped off the pilars and landed those kicks.

Very realistic, Oblivion, I love these replays, I actually want to see more from the mod MatrixLobby, but I can't seem to load it whilst in MP.
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I'm starting to think this thread should be renamed to [Spars] Oblivion - vs - Filipe. If any moderator could do that for me I would appreciate it. o7
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Meh.rpl (826.3 KB, 181 views)
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We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
Wow,amazing job dude, I hope I have the chance to spare against you.

Just a few tips,
Try relaxing more, adds to realism.
Maybe more actual running.
I love the jumps also though.
Ah, also, maybe spare in some mods like Altar so you can use the scenario to do more tricks/flips
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Amazing Punches on the 2nd replay I loved it so much!!! ( Im Keep on looking the replay )


No mistakes Great Job
Guess who's back. Back again.
Hehe guess what I won this one
Yes it's true.
Here it is.
This is probably going to the blood ties event.
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