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I'm available all morning so feel free to hmu

my profile picture is the same as my forum avatar and my steam nick is dup
i'm gn1 on both my accounts now
my name is now

if you wanna join our csgo group and change your name and become a pro with us, feel free to do so
the tag is [email protected] for the group and your name needs to consist of NiGhT_(name) -(sponsor)-

our first team match in comp
TEAM A: golds/SEM
awp: hobo (GetHuStlr)
support: lagswitch (lagswItcH)
lurker: internet (InTeRneT)
entry frag: thiggist (THiiGGiiST)
strat call/playmaker: Free (FreE)

TEAM B: silvers
awp: Kido (B0NeR)
support: moonshake
lurker: Complexity (DoopeH)
entry frag: ?
strat call/playmaker: ?
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don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
Let me be on B team.
[23:23:53] <AndChat|700625> Blue eyes ultimate dragon best card
[23:24:29] <AndChat|700625> You know the one with 3 heads
[23:24:39] <~Lightningkid> just like my dick

[11:35:40] <box> Hampa suck
[11:36:21] <hampa> not the first to tell me that today
same :o

i want awp or entry :/

joined the group and changed my name according to what you need.

we can talk about the position later
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no u

I'll probably make a team. I'd like strictly GN1+ please.
I'm updating all of the ranks and names so if you'd like your name updated please hit "reply" to this message and give me what you'd like updated in the format

Previous Rank:
New Rank:

Previous Name:
New Name:

Anything else that might be relevant.
AWP: Dmau5
Support: (Open)
Lurker: (Open)
Entry Frag: (Open) [Zeto pls]
Strat Call/Playmaker: Comet
Ego and his whip cream nipples: