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I might use that but i remember there was a better one from a while back. I forget who did it.
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im not sure if it was me if it was it wasn't for tiers and my replays are not organized enough to find it if i do i'll post it. i know i've got a good one tucked away for a rainy day somewhere. turns out i have 1 gig worth of replays
i do have an over turn single
maybe this was it i do the turn in but its a little double leggy. because of how deep and i block the knee in.
or this one maybe
cross grab as a respone to a single leg.
and lastly i thought this looked nice and its a nograb one.
this one shows the advantage of a nograb single. you can run your hand down their leg for more leverage at the ankle.

i've got a few more somewhere with dynamic grip entrees into the single somewhere but i'll see what we can do with this first
leg attack defence
i think this is relevant. i see a potential leg grab so i create an angle and space. i also creat space this way against shovels. throw an arm infront of the power leg and use it to turn them over.

first and second no shovel to prove this defence works.
second shovel defence shows a cross face with a bicep grab. thats always fun
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Oh that. I'm not sure why I put the *** there. Maybe I was on the fence about putting guard pulls as a official counter to singles.
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an example of an ankle pick using grab mechanics to secure and lock down the left side. because of the grab change and direction change he was defenceless.
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