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Koven the rising star.
Hey there. My name is koven. I likes single player and i have blue belt now. Nobody wants me in a clan becose of belt, but i am so skilled i think.
I am from russia, i want to show you my replays
How can i get black belt faster?
I dont want just fight and fight again, this is not so interesting, but nobody wants to understand me D:
My problemm is blue belt...
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im sorry to tell you this but the only way you can ge up belts is to fight and fight again...or farm(HIGHLY ILLEGAL) mabye i could meet u in game and give u a few tips
if you want you can buy a qi booster. that lets you gain belts twice as fast. it cost real world money though.
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actually, belt has nothing to do with being let into clans. Of course, lots of clans are black belt and up, but there are quite a few who let in any belt. You just have to prove that you're a cool person. good luck, and hope to fight you sometime!
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