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Season 4
Hello there!
Ranking Season 4 is here, so it's time to play!

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How to play:

Ranked mode is available to Toribash players with Brown belt and above.


Matchmaking ranked sessions are essentially best of 5 duels.
You gain Elo points after every fight. Quitting the ranked matchmaking session will result in Elo penalty applied to your account.

  • Toribash 5.22 and earlier (old menu UI):
    • Press the "Matchmaking" button in bottom left corner of the game window to bring up Matchmaking menu.
    • Select "Ranked" mode (letters should be black and mod groups choices should be greyed out).
    • Press "Search" button.
    • Wait for the system to match you with an opponent.
    • Once you're matched, start playing!

  • Toribash 5.23+ (new UI):
    • Choose "Matchmaking" in Main menu's Play section.
    • Press "Search" button" in the Ranked Mode tab.
    • Wait for an opponent match.
    • Start playing!

Ranked Rooms:

Players below Platinum Tier can also play ranked in one of public ranked rooms.

Ranked Tiers:

Every Toribash player starts the season at 1600 Elo. Once you play your first 10 ranked fights, you'll be assigned a ranking tier.
Here's the list with Elo requirements for each tier used in Season 4.

  • Elo Hell - (0 - 1565 Elo points)

  • Bronze Tier - (1565 - 1590 Elo points)

  • Silver Tier - (1590 - 1610 Elo points)

  • Gold Tier - (1610 - 1635 Elo points)

  • Platinum Tier - (1635 - 1670 Elo points)

  • Diamond Tier - (1670+ Elo points)

Season rewards:

At the end of the season, all Silver Tier+ players will receive rewards based on their ranking tier.

  • #1 Ranked player
    Superior pack, 500K Toricredits, 25 Shiai Tokens, player's tier item rewards.

  • #2 Ranked player
    Demon pack, 350K Toricredits, 20 Shiai Tokens, player's tier item rewards.

  • #3 Ranked player
    Pure pack, 250K Toricredits, 15 Shiai Tokens, player's tier item rewards.

  • Diamond Tier
    Random Elite Tier pack, Diamond Tori full 3D set, Hit Effects items (TBA), 100K Toricredits, 10 Shiai Tokens.

  • Platinum Tier
    Random Elite Tier joints, Hit Effects items (TBA), 5 Shiai Tokens.

  • Gold Tier
    Random Tier VII - IX joints, Hit Effects item (TBA), 3 Shiai Tokens.

  • Silver Tier
    Random Tier III - VI joint item, 2 Shiai Tokens.

Receiving Prizes:

The following terms apply when receiving season rewards:

  • You can only receive your rewards on one account.
    In case you play ranked on multiple accounts using same PC, only one account will receive the prize (one with most logins during season live period).

  • Toribash staff may reset your rank and elo in case of rank farming suspicions.
    Severe cases of rank farming may also result in your account's limited or permanent termination.

General Toribash Ranking Info:

Toribash Ranking is based on a seasonal system.
There are three seasons each year, each 3 months long, with a month's cooldown period in between seasons. Best players of each year's seasons will compete in Toribash World Championships for the title of the best player of the year.

Toribash Ranking has Elo decay system.
Your elo would start decaying by 2 points per day after a week of inactivity for Gold and Platinum Tier players and after 3 days of inactivity for Diamond Tier players.

To see your (and other players') ranking statistics, go to ranking page on forum. You can also access it from the left menu in Torishop under "Toribash" section.

Season 4 ends on July 31st, 2018 at 21.00 PM GMT.
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I think there are 9 or 10 plat+ players atm

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A quick notification regarding current matchmaking system state: you'll get elo penalty after successfully finishing a MM session. We're aware of the bug and it's going to be fixed within 12 hours.
All elo points you'll lose due to it will be added back to your account, so don't worry about messing up your ranks because of it.
Servers updated, users who lost their elo should have got it back.
Your rank and rank tier will update after you play a ranked game.
Originally Posted by sir View Post
Servers updated, users who lost their elo should have got it back.
Your rank and rank tier will update after you play a ranked game.

it still does it. even when we played a full mm session he still got an elo penalty.

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barely anyone plays ranked anymore, you should just make ranked rooms for abd and stuff again instead of the match making
Me and my bro share the same notebook to play this game... we both got ranks and he has a really low one...
as it says only one account will get a prize.... in that case.. the account with more ranked games played on the season will get the prize right?
Season 4 is now over, congratulations to this season's best players!

  • 1st place: Cicada3301 (Diamond Tier, 1674.64 elo)
  • 2nd place: nervau (Platinum Tier, 1666.08 elo)
  • 3rd place: Nerfpls (Platinum Tier, 1646.93 elo)

Full list of winners will be made public later in Toribash Ranking page.
The new items (Comic Effects and Hit Effects) work in Toribash 5.32, now live on Steam!

Congratulations again!

(Note: if you got a PM about rewards and items you received are listed in your transaction history but not in your inventory, please contact me)
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Congrats to Semi, Nerv, and Nerf :^)

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