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2,000,000TC to burn
Paying in TC Only, interesed in packs, full texture bodies and other rare items just shoot me an offer about anything and i'll think about it.

You can post here send me a private message or contact me through discord; PROVENZA#2946
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Cat Ears - 40k
Imperial Pack - idk price (55 st in the shop) if you are interested pls offer me
Full Mecha Arms - same
Full Pure - 200k
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full 512 body and head 250k

thats more like it, would you take 220,000TC?
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thats more like it, would you take 220,000TC?

240k final
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Snaykie#0020 GG
I'm selling everything that is in my inventory. You can check and pick.
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x2 512 heads? 35k?
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