We are in-game on Public:: Servers or CLAN:: Servers


( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Server ) --------> JackAzz :: Server --------------> /jo JackAzz
( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: EVENT ) --------> JackAzz :: EVENT --------------> /jo JackAzzEVENT

Training SERVERS:

( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Mushu ) --------> JackAzz :: Mushu --------------> /jo JackAzzMUSHU
( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Boxshu ) -------> JackAzz :: Boxshu -------------> /jo JackAzzBOXSHU
( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Judo ) ----------> JackAzz :: Judo ----------------> /jo JackAzzJUDO
( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Abd ) -----------> JackAzz :: Abd -----------------> /jo JackAzzABD
( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Aikido ) ---------> JackAzz :: Aikido --------------> /jo JackAzzAIKIDO
( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Parkour ) -------> JackAzz :: Parkour ------------> /jo JackAzzPARKOUR
( Copy & Paste /desc ^41JackAzz ^81:: Spar ) ----------> JackAzz :: Spar -----------------> /jo JackAzzSPAR

Type /rf (*enter) then /sa JackAzz (*enter) in your ToriBash Client (ingame):
(with this command can you see wich Clan-Members are now in-game online and also in wich servers they are)
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ill start to link the 2 menu
The average human body contains enough human bones to make up an entire human skeleton... loll wut? xD

One day, a lost tori was searching for a reason why he was the only one on this planet.
On his long and fateful journey, he stumbled across a town called Hampa's-FightTown.
After all of these long years, he believed he was the only Tori in existence, he now knows that he was wrong.
He soon became apart of the town, learning how to fight, meeting new friends, and becoming pretty popular along the way.
But soon he will find out that not everyone is very welcoming.
He was given the name Skelli, due to him being so skinny.
Skelli was beginning to notice the other fighters using some very similar moves, moves that Skelli made up on his own.
He didnt let this get to him. Instead, he became stronger, faster, more agile, like a weapon of his own.
Some days later, when he was practicing some of his moves,

he noticed some new tori's coming into the town, they were being bullied by some outlaw's.
On that day is when he decided to make a change, he made a new set, changed his name to Bone
and created a Clan for all the Tori's that needed help or a place to stay.
On that day was born the JackAzz-Clan, the clan that is home to all tori's that know what respect is, and how it feels.
All other tori's to oppose them, do disrespect them, to ridicule them, the JackAzz-Clan would take them down.
Bone wasnt looking to be the best, he want this clan to be more that a team, to be a family.

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Wait wa?.?

xD haha obe hope you like it isnt finish yet. there are many stuffs that must be added -_- XD
The average human body contains enough human bones to make up an entire human skeleton... loll wut? xD

Team Ranks

Members' Ranks

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menu layers linked. but there are some missing.
The average human body contains enough human bones to make up an entire human skeleton... loll wut? xD
Name: Gamingpro928

Nicknames:Gaming, GP, GPro

Age: 16

Belt: 4th dan

Fav. Mod: Any mod with shu at the end

Skype: Don't you have it already if you don't its GamingPro928

JackAzz'z That I Know: Steel, Wild, Entrance, Dab, and DatBooty

Forum/Game Activity: Anytime I can get on so effectively 5 hours a day 7 days a week

Interesting Things: I have started making sets, I like to draw, skate, and I'm also in a band called Nuclear Anarchists.

Best Mods: Wushu, Mushu, and Boxshu

Hey mabey you guys could use this format for applications