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PC Build.
Hello, I have gathered enough to get a new High End PC and I would love to hear your opinion on it, plus if I could ask a few questions I have left that couldnt find the answer to online.

So here is the list of all the parts I have choosen:

Processor: Intel Core i7-8700 (3.20GHz)
Bonus Cooler for Processor: Deepcool MAELSTORM 240T (Liquid Cooler)
Motherboard: ASRock H370 Pro4
SSD: 240GB SSD WD Green WDS240G2G0B -> 250GB SSD Samsung 970 EVO
Graphics Card: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 8GB G1 GAMING
PC Case: Zalman Z11 Plus (Black/Blue Edition) (With all the additional 6x Built-in Coolers)
Power Supply: 600W COUGAR VTE 600 -> 600W EVGA W1

My main question is if there is anyone who tell me if my Graphics Card will fit in the case without a problem. Everything else is pretty much dealt with.

SSD: 240GB SSD WD Green WDS240G2G0B -> 250GB SSD Samsung 970 EVO
Power Supply: 600W COUGAR VTE 600 -> 600W EVGA W1
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Hi, so a couple things:
Normally if you'd go for an expensive liquid cooler you'd have an overclockable processor & z370 motherboard, in which case I'd say go for either an overclockable processor or get a cheaper aircooler like the cooler master hyper 212 evo.

Your case barely fits the GPU, is of poor build quality, the windows are small and not even all the fans are led (you don't need 6 in the first place tbh.), I'd recommend one of the following cases:
NZXT S340 (elite),
Corsair Carbide Spec-04,
Phanteks P400(S) (Tempered Glass),
Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 (RGB)
(All of these cases would fit your GPU)

Don't cheap out on your PSU in builds like these, the Cougar VTE 600 seems like a poor quality PSU and a poor quality PSU could blow up your entire system in the long run, I'd go for something like the Corsair CX550M or the EVGA 500B instead.

Also there's always the debate between Intel and AMD, I personally suggest Ryzen as it's better value per dollar and has only slightly less single core performance (around 5%) whilst providing more cores for the mainstream if you're a content creator.
I'd personally suggest going for a Ryzen 5 2600X for gaming or a Ryzen 7 2700X if you're also doing content creation and I'd go for something like the MSI B350 Tomahawk as your motherboard.
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Price is not a problem, I go more for the looks and estethics of the PC. Saying a Water Coooler definetly sounds way better than the old Air Coolers. The Case, I just love it the way it looks, only problem could be the GPU Fit in, but after I looked a bit it looks like the Case can fit up to 290 mm GPU and the GPU I wanna use is only 280 mm.

I also dont want to overclock the CPU, will be using the base version
I guess I'll be somewhat repeating what Finn said, but it's essential to understand it.

Having a balanced PC build is essential if you want to get the most out of your system. While aesthetics might be important to you, you should consider the practical importance of the system to you. You probably won't spend hours and hours looking at your computer, but you will most definitely spend thousands of hours using it. That is why you should try to get a good balance between your components.

As Finn already mentioned, liquid cooling is not necessary in your case, but hell, if you want to have it then sure it doesn't hurt anyone.

SSD, HDD and PSU are very cheap considering that you got 1080 and i7 8700. I would advise against cheaping out on certain components just because "they don't bring processing power". With a bad HDD or SSD (which I'm not saying that yours is bad, just worse than average) you are going to have lag on your games despite having 1080. With cheap PSU you are putting your system at great risk, which could even cause damage to your components in the long run.

If your budget is tight I'd rather downgrade the GPU and get more balanced components.
the PSU was recommended to me by a really good friend of mine.

WD, I love their work, not as expensive as others still the same quality, I have been using only WD since a few years now and I have 0 errors with them. I would only change in in the long term if something fails but I kinda doubt it.

Something around these lines with a 144hz main and 60hz side monitor is what i'd recommend; if u want a 1080/1080ti
Honestly, the only problem I see with your items...

The case looks ok but it's going to be really cramped and you're most likely going to have to remove the driver cage to fit the gtx 1080. I would recommend getting a better case, especially if money isn't an issue.

The drives are fine, WD makes good, reliable products IMO and if you trust them, do it. You won't experience much difference with better SSD or HDD, only slightly faster load times, boots, etc.

I would still get the i7-8700k over the i7-8700. It already comes with a faster clock speed even without overclocking and it still gives you the option of overclocking with your water cooler if you want to get a little bit more performance. The motherboard might even have an easy "overclock" function.

Also, change the power supply, the one thing you do not want is a "cheap power supply" that can fry your whole system as in, one that's not even rated. EVGA makes great power supplies for cheap. For example, the one TriQ has listed in his link;

Perfectly good, and low priced power supply.
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After some more reviews and thoughts, I have updated the Original Post with the new parts I will be taking instead.
One more thing to consider. As you mentioned earlier:

Originally Posted by Trestet View Post
looks like the Case can fit up to 290 mm GPU and the GPU I wanna use is only 280 mm.

This is true, however keep in mind that your PCI-E cable will plug directly in front of your GPU, which will add additional length depending on the cable's flexibility. It's really hard to tell if manufacturers included the length of the cable when stating the parameters, but i'd venture to guess they didn't. I have EVGA PSU myself and it looks like the provided cable sticks out around 1-2 cm before making a 90 degree bend. I'm not necessarily saying that you should get another case for this reason alone, but it's definitely going to be tight to say the least, possible a bit problematic.
Tnx for notification Smaguris, but I already spoke to a guy who builds PCs and said there will be space. He will be building it so everything will be pretty. Also there is place for the cable behind the Motherboard.