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(Dark) The Dark Brethren - Recruitment

The brethren were once a noble clan with high hopes. But once the great wars all the member just vanished into their own existence leaving 3 leaders with no Brothers. The head of the brotherhood left to join another clan to see what he could learn, The other rome the lands alone to experience life outside for a clan. The third? Stayed true to the clan and never abandoned and just slipped into a deep sleep.

After a few months one came back to try again but the other was too far gone to come back to this world. The one who came back from their travels to awaken the third... but he did not succeed. But now they're back to try and bring their clan back to glory, waiting for which ever war might come next.....

~Respect the leader and all members~
~Don't spam the forum or in-game chat~
~Don't rage quit (accept you have been defeated no matter how "BS" you think it might be. any proof given to the leader of you rage quitting will lead a warning)~
~Don't beg for anything, including: Rank in the clan, TC or items~
~All general rules for the forum and in-game~
~MOST Importantly ... have fun!~

Your username:

Your belt:
Your preferred mods:
Your experienced mods:
Activity on a scale of 1-10:
Forum activity on a scale of 1-10:
What can you bring to the clan?
A bit about yourself...

User: kakabaka

Belt: blue belt

preferred mods: any

experienced mods: not sure

activity scale: 10

Forum activity scale: 10

I am a 24/7 Tori bash player that thinks really hard into beating my enemies
prefered mode: Akido
no mods
activity scale: as often as needed
forum activity:never
trying to join a clan to do my part in clan wars
Your username: Urty
Your belt: Brown Belt
Your preferred mods: Any Akidos, BigDojo, Greykido
Your experienced mods: Akido, bigdojoakido ,greykido
Activity on a scale of 1-10: 8
Forum activity on a scale of 1-10: 7
What can you bring to the clan? i can bring lots of victories, loyalty to the clan and lots of good fighting
A bit about yourself... ive played since 2017 just took a break been back for weeks now just reached brown belt a week ago and getting really close to black now!.