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ReplayMaster - Replay Gathering Bot
I decided to make this post to bring to light what this bot does, and how we plan to use the data.

What is it?

ReplayMaster is a bot designed by Eutaxyy and I that connects to rooms playing aikidobigdojo.tbm and saves the replays. It's a completely headless client running on our private bot framework with the code name "decap". Decap is an entire bot making and running framework, capable of an incredible amount of features. We do not plan to release it for public use as it is a bit too powerful, and in the wrong hands, could produce some rather malicious content. We use it to manage the connection to rooms and listen for events, such as the match ending so we can save the replay.

What does it not do?

A lot of people have been skeptical of the bot, claiming it is some form of spyware that is tracking people and what they're doing. In one light, it somewhat does; it saves every replay it can in the rooms we told it to join. However, it does NOT track anything like chat or player presence at all. It does one thing and one thing only, and that is save replays. We worked very hard and made sure we fell in line with the very strict rules that you can find here: .

What are you doing with the replays?

Eventually, we want to create a public repository of these replays and allow people to browse them. But our primary focus and motivation for this project was to use the data collected to create a form of AI. I will create a followup thread about the AI we've made, how it works, and how well it's doing shortly. Eventually we will (hopefully) publicize our replay data set for others to view and process however they please. We currently are working with around 50,000 ABD replays and counting. If you have a large quantity of ABD replays and would like to contribute to our project, please send me a PM.

If you would like to see how many replays we have of an individual, you can see them here:
Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions about the bot.