Market Squad Recruitment Drive
hook: already talked about it in vector discord but what i like the most about this move is how you apply this "spring effect" to your right knee just before launching (slightly bending your need for one or two frames before extending it). while also being a very clean performance, i adore how extremely you lean forward before launching, making it look like you would fall. that's something that makes your moves super powerful while being optimal

froggy spar: that's a really amusing movement showcase but there is nothing super appealing about the fight itself. i could just compliment how good your movement is but enough of telling you what you already know
my favorite bit must be the spinning drop kick or whatever you wanna call it. kinda reminds me of the KO i did in our spar, do you still remember it? XD
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<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills
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thanks for the cnc faidin!
some new spars and there will be a tricking replay soon
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trick as promise
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trick as promise

these replay name’s need sorted for a start jajo,