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I play this game quite a lot and would consider myself decent at some things, but ultimately even after hours and hours of practice I just don't see myself getting better, it's very frustrating because I absolutely love this game but it's just so difficult. I've practiced my running for multiple days but I'm still so bad at it. Even when I watch a tutorial of someone doing something and then copy it exactly (I know I shouldn't, it's just to get a feel for it) I somehow still fuck up and fail. As much as I would love to spend all day practicing everyday I just can't, I give up too easily after fucking up once and I have too much shit to do. I would practice with a friend because I tend to find that helps with most things but none of my friends like this game and dislike talking/playing with strangers, even posting this is well out of my comfort zone but I'm just so confused, am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? I'm trying so hard not to give up on this game but I'm on the edge. I'm not trying to complain about the game, I'm complaining about my own incapabilities.
Hi Ethyboy210,

I am sorry to hear you're struggling, but trust me we've all been there! There are a lot of different ways to try to get better! You can always watch videos, do tutorials, and the best thing to do is practice! Just go in-game and join public servers and play against people. Instead of playing on your phone between games, actually watch and learn from other players. There are all kinds of tutorials on the forums to help you, and if you join the Discord you can learn and meet people that way!

Toribash has a great community and lots of people are willing to teach you and help out! Keep your head up, you can do this! We all learn through trial and error!
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theres nothing i can tell u other than practice. When u least expect it you're gonna be pretty good, it happened to me with piano playing. I was at that point where i felt i couldn't do it but then somehow got to practice with songs i liked and it got to a point where it was pleasing to hear and not just pressing random notes.
U just gotta analyze how things work, like what does this do and what this does and so on.
good luck on the journey my man. It costed me 9 years to get at a fair decent style. If I can, u can too ;)
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Theres nothing wrong in copying moves from tutorials or from other players, that is what's gonna help you develop a feel for the game and how things work, specially during the early stages of learning, that's how we learn anything in life really.

I also can relate to that, during my first years I dropped this game a couple times before I finally decided not to give up, and there's nothing wrong with that either, I think the first step for you to learn anything, even this game, is making sure you enjoy what you are doing in the first place, doesn't matter if that's parkour, tricking, competetive mods, or just trying out fun mods. This game has a huge learning curve, so don't feel bad for taking your time with it, trust me, we all have been there at one point.

Don't be too harsh on yourself, learning and developing skills takes time, allow yourself to do mistakes and to fail, if anything, try to fail as much as you can, success is a consequence of many failed attempts, don't limit yourself with negative thoughts/mindset such as "I'm not supposed to copy from others" or "I already tried this X amount of times and still haven't pulled it off" that will only slow and possibly drag you down as well.

Lastly, if you don't like talking to strangers, that's not an issue, there are many youtube videos and guides all around the forums that can and will help you learn the basics and fundamentals. If you can, you should spectate more experient players as well, maybe play with them if you get the chance or even download their replays and press "E" for you to see how they performed a specific movement during a specific turn/frame. It's not a requirement, but making friends with people that are willing to help and play with you, people that aren't toxic, will improve your learning experience in this game drastically.
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Look man this game is all about hard work and practice,when i was an unexperienced player or "noob" i used to watch a lot of toribash videos . The one that helped me more were Mocucha's How to Run tutorial,and all the others from him. But still i didn't learnt only watching videos. I played with a lot of experienced players started watching their replays and analizing how and when they move a joint.......i had the help of very good and experienced players. And after learning the basics i started my way to develop my own style and skills in competitive mods and replay making. This game just need you to be consistent and play a lot. And as Mocucha said: There is no tip to become instantly good at the game,everything will come with practice and hard work. And also completely fine to copy other players moves,that can help you in competitive mods......just think of toribash like a war field XD everything works.........but don't break any of the rules that exists.
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naturally, they would get flustered and, in turn, have no idea how to react or think for themselves. it's human nature. now you have established a toribash pecking order and become the alpha male. confidence is key.

this very simple adjustment to your gameplay will increase ur winrate by like, what, 20%?
holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!
don't worry bro just give it a few years of consistently playing multiple matches a day (don't forget the 2-15 minute wait time between each match, that's when u can be studying what u did wrong) and u will be just as good as the rest of us in no time
Unfortunately this is one of those games with a really steep learning curve. Don't forget that a lot of us have been playing this game for a very long time now (atleast 3 people here have 10+ years experience). It takes a lot of learning and experimentation to be able to get more fluid with your moves. I can guarantee, you can't get good in just a year or two.

Videos are really good as a basis just make sure to you can get down the framework of the move. Afterwards you just need to add your own little bit of spice to make it nice. Additionally you just get muscle memory of what move is good for what situation. For example with running, if I start leaning to one side by accident, I like to bend my lumbar the other way to maintain my centre of gravity in-between my hips to regain balance.

At the end of the day, just have fun. That's what games are about
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Hey, it's okay to feel demotivated, it's okay to reach a step where you are stuck during days, weeks, months, even years.
We all know that.
Don't forget what may you come to this game : Fun by playing a video game
Keep that fun at the first sight. Change mods that you are playing, just play for fun in silly mods like basketball, cars or whatever. Then let it go.
Let it go for a while, then when you feel it, come back to what you are loving - parkour, sparring, aikido, mushu, or whatever - and take fun again.
Toribash progression is really slow, it is like a looong stairway, and sometimes you are stuck.
Just keep fun in your mind ;)

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