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I've been busy. I had one more pk mod to add but I got impatient.


This is a roof parkour that goes across three multicolored roofs. Each roof having various stuff to climb up, down, gaps, and all. my goal with this mod was to get slightly more accurate details to what would actually be on a roof. As well as keep the environment bright and engaging instead of being too dark and muddy.


This one I made on a live stream. I've always wanted to make a cliff parkour, it ended up a little more stylized then realistic design wise but nonetheless I think it'll be a nice intermediate level parkour course to run through. I'm kinda proud of this one because I feel like its a slightly different style for me.


This one was going to be something else completely. It was going to be a favela or slum. But I adopted a more green military themed color and ran with it on accident. It's a much shorter course then i'd usually make so It'd be a great choice for beginners or MP, if you're looking to finish the map.


This one I had rushed a bit so the details and colors in some ways are a little sloppy (for me at least) but my overall goal was to capture the feeling of the environment. This mod was requested by NASA and i've been procrastinating it for like a month or two (or three? idk) But i hope you make some dope star wars themed replays on it. Enjoy!

All the mods can be seen in the youtube video below.

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