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PK Bar park with rotatable grabs
Hi. So i played around with rotatable grabs and figured out that you can do some prety amazing bar tricks with them. It all works similarly to how it does in real life, which means you can do massive lachés and swing tricks. Here are a couple of quick examples:
Somebody please make a park out of these same life-size ish bars, where the grip can rotate fully around it without much of a hassle. It would be amazingly fun to play around with. Make it pretty big too without too much clutter, since you're gonna fly around covering a lot of space to keep momentum up. Also slightly smaller square hands when grabs are active would probably look better if it doesn't ruin any functionality of the grabs.

i attached the mod i used in the gif for size refrence.

Thank you and good luck!

Here’s a good vid to take inspiration from
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