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Advens heat - Stock UP - * Full Jointed Sets * Normal Sets * - ReqON
Hello TB.
This is my shop where i will add the sets im doing.
Im also accepting REQUEST - only USD - on sets/heads or any kind of art im capable of.
For now im putting to sale :
- Bited by Advens - Full jointed set >>> Expected PRICE 70$ / 1,4 MIL TCS.
- Toxic Volt - Full Set >>> 40$ >>> 900k TCS.
My prices are my prices, we can negociate.
The size for everything is 512x / Only the heads go by 2048x..

Avalabile sets (2/2):
-Bited by Advens-

-Toxic Volt-

Request LIST :
Upcoming SETS:
-(1)-Cartoon(FULL SET, NO JOINTS)- main colors RED/BLACK
-(2)-Cartoon(FULL SET, NO JOINTS)- main colors BLUE/ICE BLUE/WHITE
more TBA
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up for request
Sup Advens, I wonder if you take personal request ? If yes what's the price i might expect ? I'm looking for a set (no joint) that will fit with this head.

Good example of a set i already got from you but i lost the file T_T

Tell me your price ! I'm realy interested in !
Yo advens I'm interested to buy you bited,Hit me up on discord (will Can Do it in 2 days)