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who do u think is winning the world cup
my heart says wales but my brain telling me its gonna be netherlands or spain
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[7:19 PM] Aliosa: Can't have loopholes if there are no loops.
[9:14 AM] Viddah: Just remember if you step on toes youre gonna have to suck on them to make the pain go away
[9:16 AM] [Faux_fan]ancient: put me in the screenshot
sorry but aint no way in hell that any of those 3 are even gonna reach the finals
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
The 2 biggest favourites are Argentina and Brazil with maybe France coming right behind them.
Brazil is in top form, definitely the favorites imo. France is right up there with them.
Although I would personally love to see Portugal Argentina finals.

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