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Red Head Texture
I am selling this texture for 10,000 TC private message me to tell me if you want to buy it.

You can choose from 128 to 512 pixels it will still look cool!
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Hey friend! I removed your head texture because I didn't want it to be stolen! I recommend you upload it to, it will give you a forum code you can copy and paste right into your post! Also, we do require some basic information, please add the following:

Originally Posted by Art Rules
C) Following information must be added to all textures and texture previews:
.....I) The resolution they are made and displayed in, from 128, 256 or 512
.....II) The original artist of the set.
.....III) The previous owner of the set/texture when bought from someone else. If you are the first and only owner, please put "none".
.....IV) Whether or not you are willing to recolour the items and how much it would cost.

Please let me know if you have any questions, good luck!
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