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Question about future Headphones I am planning to get

I am looking for more opinions on the matter if the headphones I am planning to buy will be good enough for gaming aswell

The headphones I am talking about are the Sony's WH-1000M3.

They are bluetooth able so I love the idea of being able to go around my house with them without having to leave them on the desk every time I have some quick job at home

Biggest concern is will they be good for fast pace games like FPS games over the bluetooth and also I have no idea what bluetooth dongle to get for them to put on the PC

Is there really a big difference between all the bluetooth dongles out there or what?
you shouldn't get any wireless or ANC headphones if sound quality if your biggest concern

also not the best choice for gaming, especially fps
You might experience sound delays if you play via bluetooth. It's not these headphones specifically or anything, but wireless headphones are known to cause sound delay to some people. It's hard to say if it will happen to you because it's just one of those things that can be affected by many factors and you can't know definitively until you try it personally or put in a lot of research into it. It still offers wired option so in worst case scenario you could just plug it while gaming, but if you're planning to use them primarily for gaming I wouldn't recommend.

From the way you describe it you're going to use them at home, so again, would not recommend wireless headphones. It is still up to you to decide what you value more, but be aware that wireless option does make audio lower quality in general, it might cause latency when gaming, and it is considerably more pricey than wired headphones.
As for Bluetooth dongle, you should look at compatibility as some cheaper dongles are dodgy and don't recognise some devices.

There's also range, but that's quite a tricky thing to compare. Generally most dongles will claim very similar range, but quality of each dongle in the same range can vary quite a bit. It's just a matter of reading reviews and as long as no one complaints about drastic issues at further ranges you should be fine with whatever you pick.
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If you really want a wireless headset i would recommend the logitech g933, they've been great for me in games like CSGO and other FPS games. But they are not the best for music and such.
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