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Oh, this was really good.
I should really listen to NiN more. They seem like nice people.
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I did not see anyone mentioning Cradle Of Filth so umm i will :j
I think this song is one of the best cover songs made.

Another band i love is Arch Enemy

Oh oh and i love lamb of god.

I basically listen to all kinds of music(not only metal) and lots of the bands i like listenning too were already mentioned so i wont bore you with that :$
Michael Amott was better in Carcass.

Anyways I here Necrophagist is quite like here, I'm sure you guys know about the solo in Advanced Corpse Tumor.

Also check out this newer Technical Death band.

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Also check out this newer Technical Death band.

Yea, Cannabis Corpse are neat. When I first heard of them, I thought they were full-scale joke band making lame covers. I felt both bad n good when I discovered I was wrong. And From Wisdom to Baked is pretty badass.

Talking of tech-death, my fav band would either be Gorod (posted them earlier) or Beyond Creation. The latter is releasing album like sometime now. They're superb.

Lemme dump someA FUCKTON of black metal, some of it somewhat well-known but fuck that:


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revocations newest album is very good

dani filths vocals make my skin crawl

DF has the worst sounding kick drum ever, vocals are too low or something, sounds funny. They have some cool riffs and stuff though I guess.

I usually don't like BM but that mgla song was really good, I'll check them out more later, also wolves is great.

septicflesh = god

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