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I'd place it at around 120k to 140k. Particle equipped or not?

Both please ;)
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cobra pack
25-35k, value slightly increasing

Rather rare a pack, although you can still find it. its being priced at 50k in torimarket, although you can probably get it for less. chance of resell/resell value low. demand is low too.
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dajoka: Oops, sorry, missed that. I'm on it, but it may take some time. And you requests a lot of packs too (i should get paid for this kind of thing. >.>)

As a note, I will be helping predominatly with items. Mostly packs and flames. I could give you a rough estimate on accounts, as well.
- its been a while
thnx blkk (5k for your trouble )

and daxx, just a rough estimate, but

Tc= 170$
Qi= (not sure now that qi trans are suspended) 0$
Inventory: with the flames and countless items easily another 90-100$
texture set= (159k or so) so 15$

like i said rough estimate ;P
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Item name
[+;=;-] price (the =-+ refers to likely price movement) (price is price)
s/d (stock/demand,)
S/A (sellability/asset value)

- 50k

- 60k
very low/ medium high
high/ medium

- 70k
low/ medium
medium / medium

medium low/ medium high
medium/ high


= 60k
medium/ medium low
medium low/ medium low

- 30k
medium high/ low
low / low

Bumpmap textures
+ 100k
medium high/ low
low/ medium low

+ 90k
medium low/ medium low
medium low/ medium low

+ 90k (my research on this shows that it varies a lot)
medium low/ medium
medium/ medium low

+ 800k (may change very fast)
very low/ high
medium high/ very high (may be one of the highest)

= 130k (something is weird with this... prices vary)
medium/ medium
medium high/ medium

= 15k
high/ low
medium/ very low

= 55k
medium/ very low
very low/ medium

some stuff might be wrong.... im doing this really late in the night. im a bit lazy to do any thorough research.
- its been a while
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