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K ty, also pet rock

Koooper, pet rock, like most collectors normally go over 100k. However, if you pay 200k or more, that's more than most people pay and you're heavily risking overpaying.

If I was you, I'd pay max 175k for it (if I wanted it) and like 125-140k if I wanted to make profit off it.

EDIT: Nvm, my inv is too big and I may put up something on market and take it down, so it changes.
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How much for a Void Hair Color?
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Neo 100k-140 o so

Vrad 10$ = 100k so 70-90k

Yeah, except I'd narrow Demo (without hair) down to 110k to 130k, because it's how it goes, I guess. That's from my market experience. :C
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Kung Fu Master Beard's value cannot be precisely determined because there are none in the market right now. It is as much worth as people are willing to pay.
It is limited edition and no more will be created. When someone is really rich and really wants it he will pay anything for it.

That is not really a satisfying response, but putting a number on it is an act of ignorance.

Still this.
I can add that I've seen it being sold for around 250k though.
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How much does a vampire and typhon hair colour usually cost? Don't bother looking at the market, I think it's kinda overpriced.
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