@jaqon: I'm afraid these guys are right - someone might give u more tcs - depending how much he wants the ac - but this is a price u can expect - 700k - I suggest don't sell it - or sell for usd - for 50 usd u can buy 1 mill tc now, but years invested in an account just to start over rich, u're already rich - for the experience. U praise some color more then u're time? Well from this u see I'm opposed to selling high Qi accounts, unless u're quitting the game - why? I think u will regret it sometime.

@Skeleton7: I don't see the point in u're post, u want us to say if the prices are reasonable? just use deal finder for every item, and put the price in u're shop a lil lower, if it is cheapest on the whole market it's gonna be bought first

@july1510: I'm not sure how rare it is - tho it is the most expensive of all vampire items in shop, u might get lucky if someone rich rly wants it, but other ways its just a user text, and will sell cheap - 80k in u're shop is by my opinion over the top - why?
well when a dude has 80k and is strolling around thinking what to buy: he sees an vampire text and says to himself ohm this is so rare and cewl, and just when he wants to click the buy button, he sees an azurite force, buys it, and wonders what was he thinking bout in the first place...
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amount I wanna know: TC
Username: Pooman123
TC: 72,100

Other stuff: Full textures, a couple Marine items, and some other achievements
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Vamp user text is probably worth about 500TC, because it requires no qi and is a noob item.

Nabi regularly restocks it in the shop anyway.
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Originally Posted by reekondub View Post
@dannyh: around 100k+

I want to see how much I am worth

Evaluation Type: TC

Name: Reekondub

TC total: 0

Qi: 4472

Inventory link:

User card and more info link:

Ban/infraction history:

Booster/Toribash prime information: I have toriprime till this december

Anything else you wish to add: I have elf force, elf misc, demon relax. Has the item: a test item, and has body texture item. Full textures but trails, which i sold recently.

Things i have no qi or rare:

FULL elf
Demon force/lax
pure force lax blood timer usertext emote.
Typhon force lax blood and some misc of it
A test item(collectors item)
Body texture(collectors item)
Demolition usertext
13 flames!

ALSO, i have 2.3k+posts

Achievements: Roid Rage, Olympian, Green Thumb, Violence Perfected, Sensei, Legacy, Aqua, Shaman, Elf, Toxic, Marine, Gladiator, and should have(which means updating) crimson, old gold, chronos, juryo, and copper

My sets that go with the account:



I am still looking for what my account is worth

and ficha, full ivory is worth 30-50kmax

and pooman:350k max
How much in tc does my account worth D:?

and also this flame

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how am i only worth 50k?
i got full textures, more than 1300 posts and a pretty good set...
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Evaluation Type: (TC, USD or both) Usd.
Name: Carlton
TC total: 6000
Qi: 6750
Inventory link:
In active 512x head pure force and full textures
Ban/infraction history: 5 infractions only 1 ban. twas on a post here to get banned thread.
Booster/Toribash prime information: None.
Anything else you wish to add: The flames are void and blue.
Stacked they look amazing
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