from what tsuion suggested, i can tell that lucifer and black mirror are great shows, and i couldnt describe them better
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a:tla ***
black sails
breaking bad
chernobyl ***
dexter (earlier seasons) ***
hannibal ***
mindhunter ***
modern family (normie but i like it)
la casa de papel
peaky blinders
person of interest ***
psych ***
ray donovan
shadowhunters (watched this because of a crush but i like it, kinda girly tho)
teen wolf (crush again)
the americans ***
the fall
the mandalorian ***
the mentalist ***
the terror (kinda like black mirror, but seasons are disconnected instead of episodes, and its horror folk lore stuff. s02 was much better than 1 imo, you could just watch that one)
the witcher
warehouse 13

alphabetical order, *** means i really like it.tried to keep it to stuff that wasnt mentioned already.

used to watch so much i have a tracker for shows i have watched:
(its probably not very accurate for movies, but i honestly believe this contains every show i've ever watched)
alright guy