New Spar
Here is a spar that I didnt get to finish but i wish I did.
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Omega-Spar es meh.rpl (745.3 KB, 16 views)
Quick spar
Here is a spar that I was doing but unfortunatly had to leave earlier than expected *sigh*

Here it is
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Omega-Spar with mystical #4.rpl (752.7 KB, 13 views)
New one
A spar with Detacher. He was using those combos on me like it was nothin. Beat me down D:
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New stuff
I have been busy with school and stuff so I couldn't really post any spars and stuff. But I was able to do at least one spar this week.

Here it is!!!

Comments plz
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Omega-Spar mystial #5.rpl (703.4 KB, 16 views)
New Spar Again
Another spar that I did but I wanted to do something a little different.
so....I used Swords
Here is the mod for the replay.
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shortsword_collision_test2.tbm (2.0 KB, 10 views)
Originally Posted by omega90 View Post
Alright, Here is a spar that I did with Aiiiken. Hope you like it and leave a comment.

P.S: I had to edit the replay at the end because Aiiiken pinged. So I am Uke and Aiiken is me. D:

IF there is a way to fix that problem let me know. It always happens to me when i edit a replay.

Open the replay with notepad.

Look for this:

Change it to this:

BOUT 0; (Red Player Name)
BOUT 1; (Blue Player Name)

BOUT 0; RallyRevo
BOUT 1; Mdm800
New Spar
Thanks for the info Rally, that will come in handy when i am edititng my replays .

Another spar
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New Spar
Here is a little something that I did with mocucha. I pinged after the K.O so I edited it from there.
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Omega-Spar with Mocucha #2.rpl (345.3 KB, 18 views)
Bringing it Back to Life
Hi guys, trying to bring the replay thread back to life XD
Here is a replay of me and Marrez sparring. He beat me up XD
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Omega- Spar with Marrez #3.rpl (667.6 KB, 26 views)