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under discussion boi.
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Hi, I'm Jelaun. I'm 14 and live in Jamaica, meaning my GMT is -5.
For you people who don't want to read the whole application, just read the final words.

What can I bring to (NOT)
I'm competent and don't need to be continually told to do the same thing over and over. I can bring humor, though not that cringy and forced banter, to the table, and I won't be afraid to speak my mind if I have to. I work well with others, and I'm not easily agitated. I'm an honest man, I tell you what I think, and I won't tell you what you want to hear, but the truth, even if it hurts. I don't quit easily if I get rejected for anything, I learn from my mistakes and bounce back as an even better person. However, I'm not perfect; I occasionally take breaks from the forums and game to do other activities, sometimes too much and minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days.

I have Discord; my tag is NiTrOSniP3r#2675.I'm fine with leaking my Discord because it's easier to control the flow of spam, as I have to friend the person first to message back and I can easily block the person. I've had previous experiences with spamming, as I made the mistake of posting my email on an open thread. I have since then deleted the post, but the damage was already done. I went to school, came back and I had over 100 emails spamming me, telling me I had terrible grammar and I should just quit.

Previous Clans
The first clan I was ever in was (Error), and I willingly left because it was falling apart from the inside out. However, the clan taught me a valuable lesson in writing applications, as it taught me to have no mistakes and that you should always write to the best of your ability, and never second best. When I first joined (Error), I instantly got rejected for an inadequate application and accusations of lying about certain aspects such as age and location. I took the constructive criticism and rewrote the app, double checking it and making sure it had no errors and was completely honest.I was also in Volt,Abyss,Badc and Taira.

Hobbies Outside of Toribash
I play football(soccer) when I have free time, not competitive, just friendly football with friends. I've never been in competitive football, and I don't plan to. I can't handle stress well, as I can crack under pressure without planning and a small personal pep-talk. When I want to unwind, I just lay outside and listen to my music.

Mod Choice
I'm a simple man; I like ABD and AIkido. I love ABD when I want to have fun, controlled chaos. You can't go too crazy in ABD because there is still a dojo you can get knocked out of.I also enjoy Sparring And parkour(even though im not very good in parkour).

Final Words
So, overall, I'm a tough person who doesn't quit easily, works well with others, and likes ABD and Aikido. Outside of Toribash, I play football. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you on the battlefield

Wow you put a lot of effort in to the application, respect. I hope you get accepted buddy c: well done.
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Wow you put a lot of effort in to the application, respect. I hope you get accepted buddy c: well done.

Posting on our clan thread and hanging with us on discord also increases your chances
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jelaun:accepted as trial envol:Denied(pm me if you want the reasons)
Team Lenshu|Anime United|Proud ex-member of Liquor
Age: 16

Forum activity: Very Low

In game activity: High

Few sentences about myself: My dream is to become a photographer, and when it comes to Toribash my main mod is ABD, and a little bit of boxshu.
Tochukwu suks :D
Age: 14Forum Activity: Not often and if so, very brief.

In Game Activity: Eat sleep, play TB repeat.

Sentences About Yourself: Play mostly aikido, trying to understand it and a bit of boxshu mushu. Outside of Toribash I'm a Freshie in high school and have been doing metal vocals for around 8 months, and am a huge fan of the genre, specifically death metal.

What do you like about us: Don't really have much to judge from since i just asked to be tested and for an application, but your clanmates seem pretty friendly and outgoing.
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Wu22UP: the application will be in discussion within our forum and also in-game, feel free to post on our discussion board as this allows us to get to know you better and could sway us in the dictation of whether we accept you or not. Good luck.

THE MAN: do the same as above but do recognise that the application is in discussion and we will hope to get back to you within the next coming days. so do be patient. Again, feel free to post on the clan discussion as we can understand you on a more personal level.

Thanks for both applications, Sora or another member of the clan will get back to you with the outcome of your applications.
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But am I lucky though?

Hi! My IG name is Quadragnos. I'm a 19 year old USA guy who loves comedy. reads comic books, and plays a lot of Toribash (despite never being on the forums). I joined in 2013 and have been hooked ever since. I have about 2700 hours on steam as of now, and this is my only account alive but have about 10 dans of BS on throwaways. I'm also rather active on Discord. My main mods are Boxshu and ABD. But I'm decent in quite a few other things. I do amateur art as well but mainly just for fun. I'd love to join NOT as I think they have a pretty good chance of lasting through the Toribash Recession. Thank you for your consideration.
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Well hello there Quadragnos, we will be discussing your application and your patience would be appreciated, the outcome will be posted on this thread so just make sure to keep an eye on it. Feel free to get to know everyone in the main clan thread and if you want to ask any questions feel free to message me or another member of the clan. Again thank you for your application! Good luck.

Where to begin:

Wu22up: You've been invited as a trial member, congratulations on your acceptance.

THEMAN657: You have also been accepted as a trial member, congratulations on your acceptance to (NOT)

Quadragnos: You've been accepted as a trial member, congratulations.

Check your PM's as we will give you all access to the clan Discord, if you do not check your PM's, one of us will find you in game and provide the Discord link that way.

Thanks again for all your applications, and congratulations on being accepted into this family.
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Hi I'm Charm | Feel free to PM me!
But am I lucky though?