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Prizes for belts, win streaks, variable tourney prizes, logging in, 2nd place
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Others suggestions in this thread:
- tourney prizes proportional to the number of games played, or participants.
- win streak prizes
- prizes for gaining belts
- some sort of reward for overcoming the challenge of logging in?
- bigger prizes for anything and everything

My idea is that there should be another tc tourney but with more tc like 1k, 1,500 or 2k. I mean I think it would be much more fun and easier for people to get textures, and for noobs just starting to have a good amount of tc. The mod could be aikido or Rk mama. I just think there should be another tourney besides 500tc and 750tc you know a little higher.
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I support this. Maybe not the 300tc you were originally thinking, but I think 50tc for second place in 500tc tourney, and 75tc for second place in a 750tc tourney.

It probably would stop ragequitting actually, then there wouldnt be a need to apply the rule where, if you leave, the other person gets the tc.
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also it wont increase farming if the feature (ragequite = autolose) will be added, because players will have to wait for 5 mins till the next tourney anyway, so it will be impossible to farm like everyone quits and player1 gets TC, everyone quits and player2 gets tc repeat and etc.
its a good idea, i was just explaining that it wont increase farming as someone may think,
and 100 tc for 2nd will be fine
i totally support this idea but i don't think the support make this real.The less Tc you can win IG the better is for nabi.
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The less Tc you can win IG the better is for nabi.

Well, i hope they'll give atleast 50 tc for 2nd place..? :3
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Tourneys prizes
My idea is "what if the official tourneys prizes depends on its players number"
Sometimes it's unfair to win 500 tc if there's about 15 players in the tourney , or win nothing if there's less than 5 players.
i agree, the judo tourneys are so packed an when u wn you only get 500 tc, o,_,o
and i dont realy like it >:
iwould go to torneys more often if they did ur idea amarsh
There are other toruneys, like GMTourneys or clan tourneys etc. Well they're not open 24/7, but the prize isn't that bad. Well at least the prize worth above 1k sometimes.
You can go to other tourneys which is not crowded.