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Better Hands + Feet?
This could be added into the game
The term better hands and feet I mean by adding joints onto the Hands and Feet
Hampa PLZ consider adding this into the game
*and add the things that make up the Tori's body
Maybe in the toribash update 4.3?
And that overload joint thing like on the wii
The thing whee your joint goes really fast and kills fast
That's all

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If hampa wanted this game to be realistic then he would've made this realistic instead of having weird T-posed ragdolls tear each other to pieces in moon gravity.

This was pretty hillarously epic!!!
̩ think toribash should have FINGERS that when you grip it contracts ƕ figners (only certain mods) or a less stronger grip not so solid (able to slip slowly) therefore making it possible to get out of un wanted grips (therefore makeing shoveling slightly more difficult)... Also another thing is ungriping after being decaped...

Please comment
How does this make shoveling more difficult, and why make a giant change in the physics of Toribash to prevent shoveling more easily.
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Unnecessary. It would be tons of extra work, would break hand textures, and wouldn't benefit gameplay in any way.
I think the solution to the 'hands and feet can do more IRL than in Toribash' problem would be adding a hotkey that would rotate them. Note that I said a hotkey, therefore not requiring more clicks for normal operation.

Furthermore, this could be made into a toggled option only for these who want more realism.

Also, I believe such a rotating feature would be most useful with sword mods etc., so maybe instead of adding it to the hands, add it to the items (objects)?
Actually, Hampa could make it where the Fingers would/wouldn't count as joint's but where if you double click instead of the usual ball grip Fingers would turn into fist or a holding position around something, if that was allowed you to get out of a grab 50% if you try hard enough Thus making some player's who's about to be shoveled or trying to break free of the other player to get away and/or counter.
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adding the joints would just mess with everything else and make some joints be void basicly so i say nuh because of what will happen to the other joints and current replays
New tori design
I think it would be cool if tori's had a more realistic body shape. things like a more realistic head shape and actual hands with five fingers. I would just like to see toribash be a little more realistic.