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Toribash for different consoles and devices
Has anyone thought about making toribash compatible with android or tablets , or something like that?
And im not just talking about Minibash But the actual toribash in mobile devices, as in like someone is playing on pc but there is other guy playing on his phone or tablet.
So has anyone thought about it, is it possible'?
The only trouble with having the actual game Toribash on a tablet type thing is the processing power needed. That's the reason why Toribash isn't available for Nintendo Ds and such. If it was released for portable devices it'd be a much more dummed down version I'd imagine.

Other that the constraints preventing it stated above, nothing really is holding Toribash back. I can imagine Toribash on portable devices in the future once technology advances though.
I remember my when my video card and stuff stopped working, i could still run toribash but slower, the samsung galaxy S2 for example, has even a better processing unit that my actual computer, it would be nice to have a beta version for the android os
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Well the meaning of this suggestion is toribash on kinect
so you just move your body around just like in real life,with no space or what ever it is. so it makes it more easier to fight/develop moves Etc.
I don't see how this could be turned based. If it wasn't it would have the same problems as having any fighting game that isn't straight up boxing.
What happens when your guy falls backwards or gets impacted?
There is no mechanism on the kinect to compensate for the factor of impacts and non-standing actions.
The only way is to make it like the wii where you just select joints except 5 times more annoying with the lack of buttons.
Exactly what Vash just said.

A Kinect Toribash also wouldn't work since the game is turn-based. Add in the fact that Tori's always wind up floating in mid air most of the time and you'll start to realize how impractical this idea is.

The only way I can see Toribash having a Kinect-like mode is if it could somehow make your Tori replicate the moves you're doing in real life in a single-player mode with realistic mod rules. However, since Tori's aren't a complete 1:1 replica of the human body, real life moves wouldn't even transfer over correctly.
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ToriBash For XBox.
Hampa should make ToriBash on the XBox, The controls: A to space, Left stick to move from joint to joint, Right stick to change position of joint, move the right stick up and down to change it, and START to go to menu. For menu: Add a shop and it will send you to a page full of force and relax color, hair and hair colors, primary and secondary colors, heads, and textures. Lobby: Use left stick to go up and down server list and go to "Enter". Use A to select.
Love this idea I would totally buy this if this happened.
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I think I remembered seeing this on the "Not To Suggest" list before the suggestions "magically disappeared"
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