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Toribash for different consoles and devices
Has anyone thought about making toribash compatible with android or tablets , or something like that?
And im not just talking about Minibash But the actual toribash in mobile devices, as in like someone is playing on pc but there is other guy playing on his phone or tablet.
So has anyone thought about it, is it possible'?
Yeah it will be cool to have and XBOX360 & PS3 Toribash since Wii has one why not hardcore consoles have Toribash too. I will totally buy the PS3 and the 360 version. I Kinda like the controls on the Wii, now imagine what the kinect and the psmove can do it will be just amazing and you can even add a keyboard and mouse feature for the ps3 just like CS:GO did,just if you don't want to use the PS3 controller or move, and It will help grow this company.
i trust in god :D
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Or hampa would choose a well-known tester to test it..

Also, it would be cool but could be very hard to program for kinect..

It COULD be, but it wouldn't from what I can imagine. They already have Star Wars, which you control your character COMPLETELY with just your body, same system could be implemented with ToriBash.

If you're doing it with a controller, it would be way too hard to do all the joints you need in a limited amount of time..

ToriBash Wii, you can do it just by pressing the up, down, left or right arrow and it works great.

Kinect could work if it could be programmed properly, but there would be no frames and you fight until the time runs out etc...

How would there be no frames? Doesn't make any sense...and yes, would would fight until time runs out.

My responses are in Bold.
Epic idea, but it might not happen, unless time is increased and or Kinect was brought into it, if it was the idea COULD happen but nether the less, not really.
Kinect? Seriously? It's broken tech, isn't the lack of stuff being released for it a hint?

Xbox... Yeeeaaaahhhh, no.

Wouldn't get it on XBLA because Nabi doesn't suck enough MS cock, so that'd leave XBLIG - so you'd have to port the game to XNA, it'd have no multiplayer (not allowed on XBLIG) or any online functions etc. It's also mean having 2 completely separate codebases maintain.

You gotta understand that getting stuff released on a console isn't as simple as wanting to do it, and the avenues that can be used aren't suitable.

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