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To extend upon this, all TC transfers are confirmed by the server, the results of said game is confirmed by the server; all bets should be able to be handled from a close to offline perspective of the bidders as aslong as there is a winner awarded QI the bets should be able to be backtracked as TC transfers.
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I think from now I will bump this until i get any news - will it be implemented or no.
I feel weird of this being ignored so much. I appreciate the help and thoughts of those who posted here.

Instead of different users bumping/making threads about the same suggestion, I've decided to merge them all together in one megathread. -Slau
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So, I'll describe my personal experience with this issue and why I do believe it should be implemented.

The most PERFECT example, occurred yesterday. Lucid bet 200k on someone, got 200k in counters. Now, imagine this. Frame 50, the guy lucid bet on up around 250k points, in perfect point hold position. It's practically a guaranteed win. But right before the turn ends, lucid pinged and his tc went into the void.

His guy won, and the tc was just gone forever.

It has happened to COUNTLESS number of people, on many, many different occasions.

I'd like to know if:

A.) Will something be implemented to combat this
B.) If not, why
C.) Why hasn't anything been done yet?

I think that the whole ping situation turns people off to bets in all honesty. Bets really do keep our economy stimulated, and I think it is paramount that we fix this issue.

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I see where you're getting at and I think having the bets in tact even if you ping is a great idea and I support it.

Also implementing this would be better for the opposing betting player who didn't ping because they get absolutely no profit if their bet won.

This would just make things more fair for both players betting imo.
yeah this would be true , and bets should count if people leave the game or some shit ,
because people try sink tc by leaving (if there about to lose the bet.)
I aggree with this Idea, a good thing about it is that if someone that bet their tc and then pings will be able to join back and their bet still be active, but if someone in the spec list bets and then pings out and the match ends what will happen to their tc if the person they bet on wins? Will they get the tc or lose it?
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i can't see any flaws in this idea, and it's impossible to be abused.

If this ever does get implemented I can imagine we'd be thinking "wow, I don't know how I used to play TB when pinging made you lose your bet"

hmm and if a player leaves in the game so bets get canceled , the bets still count and its as if the other player won normally
Ive been wondering if this would ever be a thing. When ever i bet, rarely i ping. And when that happens, it pisses the hell out of me.

Either bets need to refund the money you placed on or continue your bet if you rejoin the server

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