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Animated Textures
After Joint Texture, .gif textures (animated)
would look pretty good.
Animated Head Texture 128x128, 256x256, 512x512
Hmm, seizure inducing abuse of .GIF textures, as well as increased lag for some old / crappy computers make this difficult. However, with the right precautions, say you're able to opt out of animated textures, this could be implemented. Definitely need a file size limit, and maybe you could limit the amount of .GIF textures allowed, only allow the head to be animated or create a new kind of expensive item for the animated textures. Just spouting out some ideas.

I like this as long as we don't get green lantern sets.
Yes, anyway you can make rules about how big can be the gif, or what amount of frames is the limit, these rules matters for make this idea run
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Was tried in the past but decided the developers were not happy with the outcome. Apparently animated textures just didn't look good or run smoothly - the right idea with the wrong technology so to speak. Won't happen I'm afraid.
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Animated Textures
It could work can it? if flames can be animated, why can't textures be. probably would be some glitches and bugs into this but again i can't see why it wouldn't happen
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We have discussed this before, and came to the conclusion that this feature will probably not be implemented. I'll merge your thread with the other one.

For future reference, check Elevated and Will Not Be Implemented prefixes to see if your suggestion has already been made before posting. Thanks.
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