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The time is near, the [Epic] battles are coming.

we have an array of excellent fighting masters ready to defeat anyone willing to try.

Could all members please post a reply on the amount of credits currently at hand,please do not spend them at this critical time as we are on the verve of officiality.

thank you
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will be updated as posts on members tc's are seen
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yet another thread of robbing your members of what little they have,

you know im sure u could of just imported the asking for money in your actual clan thread instead of being a waste of space, also after looking at your story and your members list ill give you some friendly advice

Actually put effort into your clan, otherwise your members will not respect you they will leave and your gonna get laughed at.

if your not gonna try why bother at all

If you keep up with these failed threads MBK might just fail the clan itself
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