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wow, that rikka looks really nice. i'd buy some prints of yours if you ever make any!

good job steadily improving where i'm sure most of us didn't know it was possible! do you have any socials that you post on?

awn thank you! it sure means a lot for me I may open a shop or start doing commissions next year.. atm im more focused on building my social media as well as developing my own style

my ig is @ccino__o

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i have a big fat crush on you(r art) :3333

amazing work, it's great to see such great art posted into toribash forums!

tysm bae! I see you always around support my stuff, really appreciate it <3

update with my recent original stuff. It's time to do justice for my OCs
Ive lost the hype from my first month drawing, so expect in average 1 or 2 drawings per week!! this way I can maintain a healthy life

I present u guys, the girls




sophia again