The Great Emote Bake Off 2
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Fastest Backflip
I had this idea for a record, would also work for front flips as well.

I think the ruling would be that the frames start when both feet leave the ground, and end when both feet touch. In the case of this replay, my feet leave at 9852, and touch at 9799, so a 53 frame backflip. I think it would keep the record more interesting if the rule was that both feet must leave on the same frame, as I did in this replay.

Edit: Would probably need it to be ruled that after your feet touch, nothing else can touch except both feet (which would be you completing the backflip)

This is obviously not a very good record attempt, however I just wanted to get the idea out there and see if it would be added.
In case this does end up getting approved or something, here is a faster one. The problem is that, it feels like a very unnatural landing to a backflip but I can't think of a way to make a rule that wouldn't allow this without being way too specific, so oh well.
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fastest backflip - 53.rpl (33.0 KB, 12 views)
fastest backflip - 50.rpl (33.1 KB, 21 views)
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