You spanked my brother! :V

Here are some from me:

wushu_crotch_destruction.rpl - name says it all.
wushu_last_second.rpl - stop it when timer shows 2, i still have less points. xD
wushu_sexy_no_jutsu.rpl - ass pawah.
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wushu_crotch_destruction.rpl (27.5 KB, 28 views)
wushu_last_second.rpl (60.7 KB, 31 views)
wushu_sexy_no_jutsu.rpl (52.3 KB, 28 views)
Nice thread and nice replays
I'll post some too.
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Core kick.rpl (43.6 KB, 30 views)
wushu football.rpl (66.3 KB, 31 views)
Zombie_arm_save.rpl (96.5 KB, 34 views)
Skullocap.rpl (77.0 KB, 31 views)
This thread is full of win.

Edit: all my other replays were of dafe beating the shit out of me
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i have a totally post modern tattoo of a scalene triangle.
<DeadorK> fair maiden
<DeadorK> if the cum is going to be in your mouth
<DeadorK> it shall be in mine as well