And we're back. Not for long though, we've still got a bunch of exams coming up.

Filipe is using his alt since he got banned (again), and he actually pinged at frame 180 so I had to edit my pose.

Since Blood Ties is over we could finally use a different mod.

Also, this is probably going to be one of our entries for a private sparring event hosted by DP and Atlantic. Enjoy, and C&C if you want to.
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Oblivion vs Filipe - High.rpl (742.9 KB, 72 views)
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
And today guest-starring Toril!
We've been trying to find time to spar with each other for a few weeks now, and this is how it turned out.

There will be lots of more spars coming up this summer other than me fighting Filipe, and I definitely hope I get the chance to fight Toril again.
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Oblivion vs Toril.rpl (558.1 KB, 74 views)
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
Very nice moves, I would like to spar with you. Just hang on for few 2-3 weeks while I deal with life. And maybe an extra week for me to get back to playing tb and rebuild my ingame skills.

9.2/10 Clean
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I did a short spar with Daxx today but I forgot to save the replay.
So Daxx, feel free to bump this thread with the replay if you saved it.
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
xD that spar was freaking awesome!

god oby i still haven't had a spar with you yet!
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(One minute [email protected])The balance was nice but the moves weren't stylish, not very creative moves :v. Still a good replay.
[Death Plague] | RL | ORMO | PwN |Dragenon's Realistic spars thread
Damnit, these are amazing.
For a person i have never heard of until "Blood Ties" vid, you sure are awesome at sparring.
You're right Drage, I need to be a bit more bold. I'll try to be more creative on my next spar.

Thanks noomy. I'm quite of an expert at going around unnoticed. As the creature of habits that I am, it's rare to see me outside the usual threads that I lurk.
But if you're curious you can stop by the ORMO comp to see some of my SP replays. I had to drop out of it because of my final exams, and honestly even if I submited an entry to the skeet challenge I would hardly stand a chance against those who reached the top 4.
I occasionally try some parkour mods too, but I haven't done anything noteworthy lately.
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We're still kids in buses longing to be free.