Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
I wish I was the one to get a 127 streak, I would have 12.7k more.
Meow, I am quite a cat these days.
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I wish I was the one to get a 127 streak, I would have 12.7k more.


Meh, I saw once a White Belt Unranked doing a 20 streak in pipesliders. >.>
There is one hell easy move to do which is hell hard to counter.
Except if you use the same move and are lucky.

No MANY... Innnnnnnterestinnnnnnng.
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Cool. But I think you were playing against noobs. Am I right ?
Anyway, it is nice.

I'm a 4th dan Black belt, and from my experience, noobs are both the easiest and the hardest players to beat.
Thats because you never know what to expect due to their random crazy moves... And some of them are really, really lucky.
Its hard to reason with logic, when they don't play in a very logical way!

But to answer your question, no, not just noobs. To make this streak I fought all types of players... from white belts to black belts. It went on for hours... Players entering and leaving all the time, some didn't really want to feed my streak when I owned them, so they left, specially the black belts. ;)
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well, i know this mod :|
a white belt had a streak 31 with always the same move -,-
so not too hard
but still nice

not old schooler 4th dan= old schooler 2nd dan
Juo is jealous?
yep juo is jelous =P, you can tell by his green face...
From a looong time ago:
[21:56]<Blam>ManBreakfast: Frunk wants to know why you banned him from IRC
[21:56]<ManBreakfast>oh, fuck
[21:56]=-=Mode #toribash -b Frunk!*Frankie'sip by ManBreakfast
"How do you kill that which has no life" comes to mind

Grats...but that move was REALLY cheap >.>