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Binklawz - M.A.S. replays
I will start posting some of my M.A.S. replays
where planned moves are well performed or
close to realism. I hope to have more replays
to post where opponents beat me that way.
M.A.S mods
Replay 1.
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Replay 4.
Taekwondo moments

- competitive mode reduces neatness
- e60 you stood realistic up after a fall
at the start and directed yourself towards
my tori. Good job on that
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thnx men. yes i will keep up some good work : )

your right lopsin. here is
m.a.s. cage v5
made by Tekst (cb)
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cb_martial_arts_spar_cagev5.tbm (27.5 KB, 132 views)
really like the locks!
Message me for texture requests! Discord - aaaa4#0974