Free Run Frenzy 5
Here's more brutality
got my ass whooped by haku
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S~Spar haku ~ raped.rpl (516.0 KB, 26 views)
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Nice replays Shikky
your style is very entertaining and your co-op way of life makes alot of fun to play against/with
keep it rollin
Heres some more stuff,
Had alot of fun with all of these.
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S~Spar Jerichov2.rpl (524.1 KB, 7 views)
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heres some new fights,
the spar with evil is a sword fight.
these were all super fun to make, thanks
for the fun, guys ^o^

Oh and chazer, thanks for the positive
cnc, old buddy. I really appreciate it.
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S~pk~evil.rpl (1.91 MB, 8 views)
2 years consistant with replays.
heres another mp fight with mioxi.

boss fight!
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Here's another regular spar
with nate. i never sparred him before
but he's really good. thanks nate for the
awesome spar
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