another parkour with
EvilTorified. hes so cool :3
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S~Pk~Evilv3.rpl (771.0 KB, 21 views)
Heres a parkour that was really fun
with chips91.
and a spar with.. tone34 >_>
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S~pk~chips91.rpl (1.56 MB, 18 views)
S~Spar Tone34.rpl (746.0 KB, 11 views)
finally did another spar with
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S~Spar Jerichov3.rpl (753.7 KB, 15 views)
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everytiem i watch ur replays, i feel all tingly.
nice flow as usual and execution of moves.
9.999999999/10 just to be an asshole ;)
Heres some new stuff with my students.
they're getting good!
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S~Spar Jerichov4.rpl (677.7 KB, 20 views)
Here's some more new stuff
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S~Spar umadv2.rpl (609.3 KB, 5 views)
S~Spar umadbro121v3.rpl (606.3 KB, 8 views)
S~Spar Matarika v1.rpl (2.32 MB, 10 views)
S~Spar jetfox4.rpl (1.00 MB, 5 views)
r_spar_rooftops.tbm (15.7 KB, 4 views)
rvng_village.tbm (1.7 KB, 2 views)
back from a break with some
new spars.
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S~Spar Chades.rpl (460.7 KB, 9 views)
S~Spar r0i~v2.rpl (765.9 KB, 11 views)
S~Spar umadv4.rpl (782.4 KB, 6 views)
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Back again with some new spars. even know i died in both,
i think they both look awesome. both r0i and aadame
pulled off some major stuff here with me, im glad we
could all work together. expect more spars from me
and r0i, especially. we like em' long and brutal ;)
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S~pk~Jude.rpl (1.12 MB, 8 views)
I liked the swingy grab thing at the end, but when you tripped Roi into a front flip, it happened so fast it ended up looking a bit weird. Everything else in the replay was good enough for you to improve on yourself without calling out.