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Lost's Comp Adventures
This is where I post all of my competitive mod replays go.
ABD, Tk, Judo, Lenshu, etc...
The replays will be tagged by the replay name having brackets with the name of the mod inside of said brackets.
Lets start off with some badass Tk Replays.
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[TK] BoomHit.rpl (51.8 KB, 3 views)
[TK] Carnage.rpl (99.1 KB, 3 views)
[TK] Destruction.rpl (80.0 KB, 3 views)
[TK] Quik One.rpl (93.6 KB, 2 views)
[TK] Ripped.rpl (82.5 KB, 2 views)
[TK] Split.rpl (91.4 KB, 3 views)
[TK] Win Maybe.rpl (101.2 KB, 3 views)