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Back since like 2015 guys
So i made these two replays just screwing around. The second one was just a fast paced thing i did out of boredum lol. Iris and I were in a lenshu server and he told me he had seen my replays from like 2010 and i figured id upload these ones.

I wasnt trying.. Oh i just looked and the first one isnt there? Aight imma make a third one in place of the first. Brb.

I used to be an ORMO member btw ^^

Aight that took like 45 mins to make "Third". Tell me what you new (and older) players think. Only started playing again like 2 weeks ago i think.

It just says copy cuz i had to duplicate the files on my mac.
Tell me if you cannot open the files. My mac has glitches...
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second.rpl (145.4 KB, 3 views)
Third.rpl (205.0 KB, 64 views)
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:D click it and make me happy :D