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First attempt at running and jumping [HACK]
Hello, Toribash!
Seems to be my first post in here after eight years of playing the game on different accounts.

In any case, I stumbled upon Kris' ReplayHacks script. I remember using an older hacking script, but it was much, much more complex. This one, however, lets you do some incredible things.

It is much easier now to perform running and jumping moves realistically, and, most importantly, seamlessly, without having your character bend over like a bull on a rodeo. I tried it out in this replay. Took me about twenty minutes to perform. I suppose the only thing pointing to it being a hack is when my character makes long jump-strides up the slope. Otherwise, I think it looks great!
I will try to make some short single-player sparring replay next with this. Truly a cinematic tool!

P.S. Please let me know if the mod this replay is saved on is a default one. I didn't install any separate mods to get it, so I hope it is.
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