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thanks for the CnC.
I got a new replay, not kidding, this took me at least 2 - 3 days...... And it isn't even that good.
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WoW, you are good at keeping the replay going!
One thing, on Welcome to uranus V2, the end was extremely sloppy.
You could have made a pose.

Here is another replay I made!
This replay was just something I found kind of cool, so I decided to upload it.
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#Skype - Decap Punch!.rpl (57.5 KB, 10 views)
generic opener
un-needed grab
decap looked bad, getting a decap doesn't make the replay automatically cool
lots of un-needed movement after the decap instead of a pose or anything
Well, it was a decap alright.
Other than that, there wasn't much to comment about...
I would work on controling your tori better.
Balance, spins, aiming, etc.
Good luck!
Hey, thanks for the CnC.
That replay was made on -9.82 gravity, so posing is like trying to like Miley Cyrus.
Here is another repay!
A run, then decap, made this a while back, and this looks a lot smoother than that shitty decap replay I posted before.
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Here is a weird flip kick thing I did on 30 gravity, and it looks pretty cool.
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wip flip kick2.rpl (90.9 KB, 10 views)
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Ok for Run and decap. Try develop your own unique run, rather than a you-tube run. Like lowering those shoulders. and when left knee rises contract right pec and extend left pec, and when your right knee rises contract left pec and extend right pec. and so on...

As for the Decap in that replay, make sure you have a good stance before you throw a punch or a kick, or you'll fall or lose balance. Stance is key when attacking anything.

Work on fluidity as well, such as relaxing and holding more. Rather than extend/contract/extend/contract...blah blah so on.

K now for wip flip kick. Lets start from the beginning.

Abs should be contracted on launch, so ur belly doesnt poke out as you launch. Like your about to snap. And i'd suggest learning a new starter, rather than the generic spar launcher. If your not good with that because of the gravity, you can always put it on -30. At 398 frames your arms should have been up by now, so raise your arms earlier.

At 346 frames, your knees are fully contracted. Why is the leg you arent kicking with contracted? Only make necessary movements.

Overall from both replays. what needs to be improved is fluidty, and original movements. Not generic launchers and generic runs. Don't Contract and extend so much, just extend or contract what is needed (shift-space) until your in the right spot. Dont over do anything.

Keep up the work
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Inspiration starts with matarika.....

Thanks for the CnC, will keep those pointers in mind. <3
Got a parkour replay!
I just started parkouring, so I am so proud of this!
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PARKOUR! YAY!!!.rpl (221.0 KB, 5 views)
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