So I threw this replay together becuz I needed a replay to put here, CnC is apprecated!
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#Skype - If I was blind....rpl (144.3 KB, 14 views)
its cool and i love knee dms <3 so its KneeDm/10 <3
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Awww shucks thanks for the CnC 2 years ago!

More replays
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#Skype - [-Calling Card-].rpl (364.2 KB, 8 views)
#Skype - [-Emblem-].rpl (222.6 KB, 5 views)
#Skype - 3 Skeets Complete.rpl (471.3 KB, 6 views)
#Skype - Back in a snap.rpl (181.2 KB, 3 views)
#Skype - Fast Paced.rpl (341.3 KB, 3 views)
#Skype - RGB.rpl (220.6 KB, 8 views)
#Skype -Salvaging old shit.rpl (93.6 KB, 4 views)
#Skype - Sweet and Simple.rpl (66.2 KB, 3 views)
#Skype PARKOUR.rpl (298.0 KB, 6 views)
I got bored and decided to go at replay making again, as CS:GO lost it's touch, and quick aikido noob bashing is boring.
Added another replay
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Another replay, it's not terrible but could use improvement
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Hey guys, this replay took about 4 years, finally finished it.
On a real note I do like the foot grab on the glute, that was kind of hard to pull off.

(also the first time I'm publicizing what my old name was, how festive)
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