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Murcinary's Replay Thread
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If you really want CNC pls upload just 1 or 2 replay max, if not it's really borring
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Here is an semi-old madman that I was able to edit and get a skeet at the end. And another madman. Consistently getting better and more fluent.
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Spl 14[Skeet].rpl (247.5 KB, 11 views)
Spl 20[M].rpl (296.9 KB, 10 views)
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My two latest replays.

Spl 20:Not the most powerful punch but the movement and transition into the pose I feel is very smooth.

Spl 21:I feel like this is one of my better replays, very fluent good power all around.
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My most recently completed work CnC plz.
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Spl 23[S][D].rpl (155.9 KB, 16 views)
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nice work i dont quite like your flip to uke on spl 22[m] and loved the power in the hits
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23: YOu're pretty stiff, but that will get better in time. If you keep yourself on the ground, you're generally more powerful. Rather than going airborne, push off the ground with your legs to get more damage and look more powerful while doing it. Not bad what you did in this replay, but I was just generally speaking. Pose was decent, maybe a little too spread legged. GJ
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Thankyou for the CnC highly appreciated, I havent posted in a while (due to lack of creativity), but I was able to make this simple Boom punch. I think its pretty smooth and effective. And my newest Spl
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Spl 24[B]-death touch.rpl (148.1 KB, 19 views)
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I really liked your opening fake punch. Your position was a little too far leaned to the right when you did the opener, but that was my only issue. I think the amount of time that you had stopped was perfect, it made it look nice for some reason. The punch was well placed, and it made for a good boom hit. Your recovery was decent, but your pose was awesome. Good job, I think you've improved in this replay.
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