i wan collab too

That was great dude,

those dms

ORMO pls o/
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feel free to pm me about a collab if you wish

chapter 1:

little pause at the opener but whatever
fast dms, i like it
the right elbow extension at around 135 feels off to me
head bruise yo
Thanks for that cnc sSlight appreciate the insight brah.

Did a collab with Static.

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that opener was a beauty.
I wasn't quite fond of the decap for some reason
the punch into the shoulder after that taking the elbow aswell was pretty coolio
and the spin after that leading to the last kick was just bon appetit.
Pose was great.
Hot damn what an opener. Seriously though, great flow, and smooth movement. This is the kind of stuff that I wish I could do, but I can't lmao. I like how rhythmic the first three dms are. They ring off 1-2-3, and they look really nice. The first kick was a good followup, and the last kick was very spinny, making it look real fast, and real good. Smooth transition to a great pose. Fantastic replay!
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I loved the opener except for your arms (they were contracted the whole time). I liked that you were keeping your momentum well, and then you stopped spinning to keep attacking uke. This looked good, but it would have been better if you kept your momentum going. Anyway, great job, and good pose!

Double knees are my fav
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